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Here are a few links to interesting articles on captaincy, leadership and motivation - not only in sport. Why not take a look?


Tale a look at 'So You Want To Be Captain?' contributor, Gary Lineker's article in The Guardian, when he asks "Why not let the players choose the new England captain? With Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart the obvious contenders, perhaps it is time Roy Hodgson followed the example of other countries and let his squad pick the new skipper.
As Wayne Rooney is handed the Manchester United captain's armband by Louis Van Gaal, Aditya Bajaj's excellent article asks; 'In a sport where the coach is responsible for all team decisions, how important then is the team’s captain?'
Mike Brearley is considered one of the greatest captains ever, and his tome 'The Art of Captaincy' is a must read for sporting leaders. Follow the link to hear him talking to ESPN's Siddhartha Vaidyanathan about the qualities you need to be an outstanding leader, illustrating with examples from his own career.
Captaining my Ultimate team has been the most stressful job of my college career. Forget the midterms, forget the finals, forget about juggling my job, school, church, and girlfriend. But no matter how stressful the role was, the payoff was always worth it. Over my few years of being a captain, I’ve learned the ropes. Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the 10 things every Ultimate captain should know.